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My Story

The whole concept of counseling first entered my mind while watching "Good Will Hunting" many years ago. I know it may sound strange to base a career choice on a movie, but watching the interaction between Matt Damon & Robin Williams was the first time I truly understood how one person can affect another simply through the power of conversation. It took me a few years, but I finally landed on the steps of UTC (for the 2nd time) to begin my formal training in the field of counseling. My biggest accomplishment while at UTC, I would say even bigger than graduating, was learning how to actually listen when someone else speaks. It's amazing what I started to hear when I stopped running around in my own head.
After graduating, I started working at a local inpatient hospital specializing in the treatment of both substance abuse and psychiatric issues. During my 3+ years at the hospital, I worked with clients suffering from addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, divorce, job loss, psychotic disorders and attempted suicide. 

Experiencing crisis situations every day greatly improved my problem-solving skills and taught me the importance of listening to others. Working on the detox unit exposed me to addiction at its most powerful stage. 

Although I spent my days surrounded by psychiatric illness and substance abuse, I never lost sight of the person behind the illness. I was not working with addicts or the mentally ill; I was working with mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers. My clients were regular people experiencing extraordinary problems. 

My dream of private practice came to fruition in May of 2011 when I formally opened my doors at the Southern Saddlery Building in downtown Chattanooga. Before I began this venture I knew I wanted to first become licensed and then focus on creating an environment that simplified the traditional counseling experience. Limited paperwork, private setting and direct access to the clinician (me) are all basic tenets of my practice.

Every decision I've made in creating my practice is to keep the focus on the whole reason why you chose to come to my office in the first place: the counseling experience. I am extremely thankful & exceptionally blessed to have the opportunity to do what I do & it will be my honor and privilege to help you in any way that I can. 


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