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 Choosing a counselor is a lot like buying a car – oftentimes it takes a few test drives before we find the perfect fit.  As counselors, we all have different specialties and theoretical orientations. Our approach to counseling is as unique as the print on our thumb.

Some counselors are more challenging and some rely on the power of reflective thought. Some counselors are faith-based and some are not. A productive and rewarding counseling experience is built upon a respectful and healthy relationship between you and your counselor.

I encourage you to take a quick look at your life and ask yourself “Is this what I want my life to be?” Hopefully, the answer to that question is “Yes!” But, if the answer to that question falls short of your expectations, then maybe it's time to give counseling a try. Maybe it’s a bad relationship or an unfulfilling job; maybe you’re drinking too much or sleeping too little. If someone or something is negatively affecting your life, please call me and we can set up an appointment to talk.

Ultimately, the goal of counseling is to achieve personal growth and alleviate the pain of past events. Through the comforting power of hope and faith, you can achieve happiness. 

If you are having suicidal thoughts, call 911 or RESPOND 423-499-2300 or report to your nearest emergency room immediately!!



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